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4th Aug 2020

10a. Bonded By Blood (Part One)

CW: Violence, abuse.

Previously on Mockery Manor: with Parker's help, JJ and Bette evade the police and escape the manor. After their arguing comes to a head, Bette storms off, leaving JJ alone and lost. While wandering the tunnels, JJ meets Dorothy: her grandmother. Dorothy leads JJ to Dreamland, where Margot has created disturbing tableaux of her own life story. JJ learns that the woman posing as Margot Mockery is none other than her namesake aunt Kate - previously thought to be dead - and that the real Margot had died in the 1948 fire instead. The penniless Dorothy had seen an opportunity for her daughter, and made the switch. However, mere moments after revealing this, Dorothy is stabbed to death before JJ's eyes...

In this episode: JJ comes face to face with the killer.

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Mockery Manor
Where childhood never dies... and the dead don't stay buried.
British Podcast Awards 2020 'Best Fiction' Nominee.

Summer, 1989. Mockery Manor's new staff have moved into the on-site lake house, ready for the re-opening of Britain's most eccentric theme park. It's a teen dream of a job (as long as you've never seen Friday the 13th), and eighteen year old twins JJ and Bette are determined to leave a difficult year behind them and have a summer straight from the movies... if they don't kill each other first.

But something's happening at the park. People keep going missing, and JJ has a horrible feeling the screams she heard in the scare maze were more than just a frightened guest. And why is feline park mascot Mr Crackles covered in blood?

Mockery Manor is a full-cast production best enjoyed using headphones.
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